How Pets Can Benefit Your Health

You already know that your pet gives you things like unconditional love, endless loyalty, and lots of laughs. Did you know that your pet can also benefit your health? Read on as your vet clinic Bend, OR tells you how.

Regular Exercise

Whether you’re walking your dog around the block a few times or romping around with your cat on the living room floor, pets can actually help us get our heart rates up and get regular, sustained physical activity. That’s good for you and your pet!

Less Stress

Studies indicate that pet owners tend to have lower stress levels on the whole than people who don’t own pets. It’s no coincidence that many pets can be trained as therapy animals—they can be quite adept when it comes to sensing our stress levels and helping us to remain calm.

Better Heart Health

Probably because of the factors described above—lower stress levels and consistent physical activity—you’re likely to have better heart health when you own a pet. That’s something just about everyone can get behind.

Does your beloved pet require a veterinary checkup? That’s where we come in. Contact your veterinary clinic Bend, OR to set up an appointment.

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