How to Care for Your Dog’s Paws

How much attention do you pay to your dog’s paws? These body parts are very important to your canine companion! Here, your Lansing, MI veterinarian gives you three easy tips to keep Fido’s paws healthy.

At-Home Exams

Examine your dog’s paws at home at least once a week. Look for any small objects—pebbles, burrs, bits of plastic or metal—stuck between the toes, and remove them if possible. If you’re having trouble, talk to your veterinarian. Also, take note of any abrasions or wounds, and let your vet know if you think it warrants concern.

Nail Trims

Of course, nail trims are essential for paw health. If nails are allowed to become too long, they can snag in carpets or fracture painfully. Use a canine-specific nail trimmer to clip the tips of your pooch’s nails, or set up an appointment at your vet’s office to have the professionals take care of it.

Paw Pad Care

When the weather is warm, asphalt surfaces like driveways and parking lots can heat up dramatically. If a dog lingers on such a surface, the paw pads can be burnt!

For more advice on keeping your dog’s paws healthy, call your pet clinic Lansing, MI.

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