How to Care for Your Senior Cat

Do you have a senior cat on your hands? Our aging felines need proper love and attention to stay healthy and happy through their golden years. Use the following tips from a veterinary clinic Bend, OR to make sure that your senior cat stays healthy:

Feed the Proper Diet

Your cat’s nutritional requirements have changed significantly from the time she was a younger pet. Make sure that her diet reflects that. Ask your veterinarian about a senior formula for your cat that’s suited to her age and size.

Provide Napping Spots

If there’s one thing that all senior cats have in common, it’s a love of sleep. It’s a safe bet that your feline friend is napping right now! Provide plenty of comfortable napping spots throughout the house, and make sure that your cat can get to them easily.

Schedule Veterinary Checkups

It’s far too easy for a medical problem to crop up and slight your cat’s health when she’s older. Regular veterinary checkups offset that risk. If your senior cat is overdue for an appointment, it’s time to change that!

Call your veterinarians Bend, OR to schedule a checkup for your cat right away. We’re always here to help!

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