How to Help Your Pet Lose Their Extra Weight

Many of our animal companions are overweight—nearly half, in fact. And obesity can quickly lead to other serious health problems, so it’s important to reverse it before things get worse. Here, your vet clinic Louisville, KY tells you how to do just that: 

Adjust the portion size.

Many pets are obese simply because they’re fed too much. Ask your vet about the proper portion size for your four-legged friend. Make sure you don’t free-feed, or leave food out at all times for a pet to graze on. This is a quick path to obesity! 

Upgrade to a better diet.

Sometimes, pets are fed a “budget” diet full of empty calories, and it doesn’t help them maintain a healthy weight. You should give your pet a premium pet food that’s well-suited to their age, breed, and size. Ask your vet for a recommendation. 

Exercise your pet regularly.

There’s no better way for your pet to shed those excess pounds than by exercising. Get your pet moving every day via walks and play sessions—they’ll start burning calories and get back to a healthy size in no time! 

Talk to your best veterinarian in Louisville, KY today for more information on weight loss techniques for pets.

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