How to Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated pets across the country are overweight? It’s likely your own animal friend is carrying around excess weight—use these tips from a Myrtle Beach veterinarian to help your pet lose the extra pounds.

Portion Control

One of the primary causes of pet obesity is simple overfeeding. Use portion control for your pet’s diet—consult your veterinarian or reference your pet food’s packaging to determine the proper portion size for your animal companion.


There’s no substitute for good exercise. Without it, your pet will surely pack on the pounds! Play with your pet on a daily basis or take them for walks around the neighborhood. This will burn excess calories to stave off obesity, keep your pet’s muscles and joints limber, and keep your pet’s mind engaged and active.

Change of Food

Is your pet eating a diet that is specially formulated for his or her age, breed, and size? Pets’ nutritional needs change as they age, and their diet should change with them. Talk to your veterinarian about a great diet for your particular pet’s needs.

Does your animal companion need a veterinary exam? Call your vet Myrtle Beach today.

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