How to Lengthen Your Pet’s Life

There’s no doubt that your pet provides you and your family with years of joy, companionship, and amusement. Why not lengthen their time with you for as long as possible? Here, your veterinarian London, ON tells you a few ways to help your pet live longer.

Preventative Care

Keep your pet updated on vaccinations to ward off dangerous diseases, and make sure they’re wearing seasonal or year-round preventative medications to keep fleas, ticks, and worms away. It’s much easier to prevent these problems initially rather than deal with them after the fact!

Great Diet

Obesity—and the risks associated with it—is one of the leading causes of health troubles among pets. By feeding your pet a great diet in the proper portion size, you’ll keep your pet as healthy as possible for years on end. Ask your vet to recommend a great food choice for your animal companion.

Veterinary Care

There’s just no substitute for regular veterinary care when it comes to maintaining your pet’s quality of life over time. Most vets recommend that they see your pet at least twice per year.

Does your animal friend need a veterinary appointment? Contact your pet clinic London, ON right away.

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