How to Live with a Small Dog

There is a common stereotype that smaller dogs are still fierce, protective, and tend to bark frequently. This is largely true with several evolutionary elements at play which has influenced these behaviors over the years. If you have any questions about caring for your smaller dog, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Natural Defense

It has benefitted the small animals to be vocal, hence the barking. They stick together in packs. You can see this regularly at dog parks where several small breeds like Dachshunds or Chihuahuas live together and feel threatened by a much larger world. Their ferocity with strange dogs also is resulting from a need to be proactive about defense. For tips on how to curb these behaviors, check with your Jacksonville vet.

What to Do

For starters, working on leash reactivity can be incredibly helpful. This involved things like keeping treats on you to help associate your dog’s experiencing strangers as positive. For more tips like this, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Remember that these are tiny dogs in a large world. Sometimes, a little compassion will go a long way. For more, check with your Jacksonville vet.


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