How to Pamper Your Elderly Cat

Is your cat getting up there in the age department? Learn how to pamper your elderly feline by following your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian’s advice:

Grooming Help

Older cats probably have a tough time twisting and turning themselves to groom, the way they once did with ease. Use a pet brush and give your cat a hand. Brushing will spread skin oils throughout the fur, keeping it moisturized and healthy. Plus, it’ll serve as great bonding time with your aging companion!

Multiple Litter Boxes

What older cat wants to trek up and down the staircase to use the litter box? If your home has multiple floors, consider adding a litter box to each one to make your cat’s life a little easier. You’ll spend a bit more time cleaning out each box, but it will reduce the chances of your cat having an accident on the rug.

Cushioned Pet Bed

Your elderly cat will love a soft, plushy bed to lie on at the end of a long day. Outfit the bed with warm blankets to really give your cat a treat.

Would you like more advice on caring for your senior cat? Call your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ today.

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