How to Prevent Lost Cats

Sadly, it happens every day. Somewhere, a family cat is scooting out the door or through an open window and out into the world. Unfortunately, many cats when out don’t know how to survive in the wild anymore. For questions about microchipping your cat, check with your Colorado Springs vet.


Now, under most circumstances, it is completely accidental. These things do “just happen”. So what can be done to help prevent it? Check with your Colorado Springs vet for the best information.

  1. Doors, Screens and Windows

Make sure that all of the rooms that your cat has access to are sealed. Cats are notoriously cunning and if there is a way out, he’ll find it! Check with your Colorado Springs vet for more.

  1. Microchipping

Once your cat is out the door, there’s very little you can do other than post fliers, check animal control and make phone calls. However, when you microchip your cat, you increase significantly the chances of its return. Check with your Colorado Springs vet about it today.

Truly, these are the main things which will help ensure that your cat will be around for years to come.

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