How to Protect Your Pet from the Sun

The sun is just as dangerous to our animal friends as it is to us. It’s important that you keep your pet well-protected from the sun’s harmful rays, especially during the hottest summer months! Do just that with these tips from a vet Crown Point, IN.

Indoor Time

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make sure your pet doesn’t overheat is to keep them indoors for most of the day. This way, they’ll be able to relax in air-conditioned comfort without the worry of dangerous heatstroke, heat exhaustion, or dehydration.


When your pet does spend time outdoors, make sure there is a shaded area for them to relax under. This can make your pet much more comfortable rather than sitting directly in the hot sun—after all, your pet is wearing a fur coat that they can’t take off!


Did you know that pets, too, can wear sunscreen? It’s most beneficial on areas of exposed skin, like that of the nose tip or ear edges. Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality canine- or feline-formulated sunscreen for your animal friend.

Want more hot-weather safety tips? We’re here to help. Contact your vets Crown Point, IN.

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