How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Are you about to bring home a brand-new puppy? Congratulations! Remember to prepare your home and family ahead of time. Below, your Southside, IN veterinarian tells you how to do just that:

Remove Hazards and Toxins

Go through every room that your puppy will spend time in. Remove physical hazards like sharp objects, tight spaces, cords and wires, and small objects that could be choked on. Also put away any toxic materials, like poisonous foods, chemical cleaners, and toxic plants or flowers.

Space Restrictions

Consider using dog gates or even baby gates to keep your puppy confined to a few rooms of the house, at least at first. This will make things less overwhelming for your puppy, and your new addition will be much easier to keep track of! It’s far easier to prepare only one floor of the home for your pup’s arrival; slowly introduce him to the rest of the house over time.

Hold a Family Meeting

Make sure all family members know the protocol for your puppy’s feeding times, exercise routine, commands, etc. This way, your pup won’t be receiving differing information from family members!

Talk to your veterinarians Southside, IN for more advice on puppy care.

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