Improving Your Dog’s Dental Health

Dental problems are some of the most common health issues that veterinarians treat in domesticated dogs. Avoid the risk in the first place—use these tips from an Orangevale, CA vet to keep your dog’s dental health in peak condition.

High-Quality Diet

A great diet is key for your dog’s dental—and overall—health. Ask your vet to recommend a premium canine diet that is appropriate for your dog’s weight, age, and breed. Some dogs even benefit from specially formulated dental-health diets and dog treats.

Regular Brushing

We aren’t the only ones who benefit from brushing our teeth regularly. Dogs, too, will have a much healthier mouth if they receive regular brushing. Use a canine-formulated toothpaste and a specialized pet toothbrush, and take it slow if your dog is anxious. Try to finish each tooth with a downward stroke to remove plaque effectively.

Good Chew Toys

Chew toys aren’t just loads of fun for your dog—they help to scrape plaque off of the teeth before it hardens into tartar. Rotate your dog’s chew toys regularly so that he doesn’t get bored.

Want a recommendation on a canine toothpaste or great chew toys? Call your Orangevale, CA veterinarian’s office today.

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