Improving Your Senior Pet’s Life

If your pet is entering her golden years, she needs more specific care than she once did. Use these tips from your Gresham, OR vet to improve your aging pet’s quality of life.

Senior Diet

Older pets’ nutritional needs aren’t the same as middle-aged or young animals. Make sure your pet is eating a specially formulated, nutritionally balanced senior diet made for her age, breed, weight, and health. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a quality food.

Grooming Assistance

Older pets—particularly cats—can’t groom themselves the way they once could. Dogs could use a little help, too. Every day, run a brush through your pet’s hair to remove loose fur, avoid tangles, and moisturize the coat. If your pet has specific grooming requirements, see your vet.

Home Modifications

Consider buying or building pet ramps to help your pet up and down staircases or up onto pieces of furniture. You can also raise food and water dishes onto a small platform, like a shoebox. This is especially helpful for pets with arthritis; with raised dishes, they don’t have to bend as a far to eat or drink.

Does your senior pet need attention? Contact your vet Gresham, OR today.

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