Introducing A New Cat to Your Feline Friend

Will you be introducing a new cat to your existing feline friend in the near future? Do it right, and you’ll have a pair of friendly cats. Do it wrong, and things could be a disaster! Here, your vet Lafayette, LA gives you a few tips on introducing a new cat to your household.

Take Things Slow

First things first: don’t rush to introduce your new cat. It can take time for two cats to get acclimated to each other, even taking months before they’re completely comfortable. Don’t force your cats to spend time together; eventually, they’ll get used to each other on their own.

Separate Cats’ Areas

It’s always best to keep two separate areas for each cat’s litterbox and food and water dishes. This way, you’re avoiding any territorial behavior that could muck up the socialization process. Although cats can learn to share litterboxes and food dishes eventually, play it safe by keeping these areas separated at first.

Preventative Care

Make sure each of your cats is up to date with vaccinations and pest-control products. Don’t allow either cat to give the other one a dangerous disease or infestation!

Call your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA for more information.

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