Introducing Your Cat to Her New Home

Are you moving to a new home or apartment in the near future? Make your cat’s move as stress-free as possible with these quick tips from your Rochester, NY veterinarian.

Settling In

Never try to force your cat into a certain area when you’re introducing them to their new home. Simply allow your cat to explore on her own, even if that involves hiding for a few hours and then slowly coming out. Be patient, because it may take time!

Familiarity is Key

Place plenty of your cat’s favorite items—her scratching post, favorite toys, etc.—in the main area where she’ll be spending her time. Also make sure that Fluffy’s litter box and food and water dishes are set up before she gets there. These items will give your cat a sense of familiarity and hopefully make settling in a lot easier for her.

Proper Identification

It’s all too easy for a cat to get lost or run away in the hustle and bustle of moving. Make sure your cat is outfitted with a microchip, ID tags on the collar, or both!

Does your cat need identification? Contact your animal hospital Rochester, NY today to set up an appointment.

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