Is A Reptile Pet Right for You?

If you’re thinking of adopting a reptile pet, it’s important to make a few key considerations beforehand. Owning a reptile isn’t like owning a dog or cat! Here, your Thorold, ON veterinarian tells you more.

Dietary Considerations

Some reptiles, snakes in particular, may need to be fed live or freshly killed prey. If you’re squeamish about that sort of thing, that particular reptile pet may not be the choice for you. To find out specifics on the reptile you’re considering, call your vet’s office today.

Heat and Lighting

Many reptiles have specialized heat and lighting requirements. Heat lamps, heating pads, special UV lights, and more may be needed. Make sure you’re aware of all of your potential pet’s heating and lighting needs before you bring him or her home.


Your reptile may have special handling requirements to prevent injury to the animal itself and to protect yourself from bites. Do some research online and talk to your veterinarian to find out the specific handling requirements for the reptilian pet you’re considering.

Would you like more information on reptile healthcare and ownership? Does your reptile need veterinary care? Contact your veterinary clinic Thorold, ON today for help from the professionals.

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