Is Boarding Necessary?

There are many pet owners out there who end up traveling a good bit for a variety of reasons. In many circumstances, it just isn’t feasible to take your beloved furry family with you, no badly how much you might want to. But what are some decent alternatives? For the best information, check with your Portland, OR vet.


Boarding your pets is a wonderful solution, but isn’t always easy to do for long periods of time. But check with your Portland, OR vet about long-term deals or special rates that they might know of. You never know until you ask!

Dog Sitting

Another option is having a friend or relative stay in the home while you are away. This tends to be more within the means of many people and serves the dual purpose of having someone to watch over your home while you’re away. Just make sure you leave adequate instructions, including the phone number for your Portland, OR vet.

In the end, just make sure that someone you trust has your pet in good hands. That way, they are healthy and excited when you come home. For more, check with your veterinary clinic Portland, OR.

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