Is Eating Grass Bad for My Dog?

It’s not uncommon for our canine companions to eat grass every now and then. The question is, does this behavior present any hazard? Here, your veterinarian Marietta, GA tells you all about your dog’s grass-eating habits.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

No one knows for sure why dogs eat grass, but there a few theories. The most prevalent is this: dogs may eat grass to make themselves vomit, perhaps to alleviate gas or an upset stomach. Dogs might also eat grass simply to add some roughage and texture to their diet.

Could a Medical Issue Be to Blame?

Yes, it is possible that your dog is attempting to eat grass in order to get essential nutrients—such as fiber—that they’re not receiving from their normal dog food. If your dog is fed a “budget” diet that contains a lot of filler material, it’s time for an upgrade! Talk to your veterinarian today about your dog’s dietary needs.

Is Eating Grass Safe?

The occasional bit of grass shouldn’t harm your dog, but don’t let Fido make it a habit. Even if a medical issue isn’t to blame, grass could be treated with chemicals!

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