Is My Cat Deaf?

Cats can hear thunder before we do, but they often don’t come when we call. How well can cats really hear? Your Neptune Beach, FL vet can check, but these facts apply to most cats.


Cats can hear from 45 to 60,000 hz, compared to humans’ range of 20-20,000 hz. That means they can hear higher-pitched sounds. They communicate with each other in sounds so high-pitched that humans can’t hear them – that’s what’s happening when your cat meows “silently.” If your cat doesn’t come when you call, he probably doesn’t want to. Your Neptune Beach, FL vet can help you train your cat.


Cats use their sense of hearing to hunt, since small animals often make high-pitched sounds. It also helps them avoid predators and navigate even when they can’t see well. If your cat has poor eyesight, check with your Neptune Beach, FL vet.


Deaf cats also need to stay inside. Deafness can be hereditary in cats. Though it’s common in white, blue-eyed cats, not all such cats are deaf. If you think your cat may be hard of hearing, check with your pet clinic Neptune Beach, FL.

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