Is Your Bird Stressed?

Like many other animals, birds can suffer from stress or anxiety. Here, your East Greenwich, RI veterinarian tells you about three of the most common indicators of stress in our feathered friends.

Aggressive Behavior

Is your bird biting, lunging, and vocalizing loudly more than usual? If a bird is stressed, they may act out aggressively as a reaction. It’s also possible they’re in pain. Let your veterinarian know if your bird is acting more aggressively than normal, as prompt treatment may be necessary.

Submissive Behavior

A cowering or fearful bird may not want to be touched because of a stress-related reaction. Many things can cause a bird to act this way, even something as benign as a guest in the home or a new piece of furniture near the cage.

Loss of Appetite

A bird who isn’t eating definitely isn’t healthy. Birds suffering from anxiety may eat less than normal or cease eating entirely. If you notice a drop in your bird’s food consumption, tell your veterinarian.

The professionals at your East Greenwich, RI pet clinic are here to help. If you think your bird is acting unusually in any way, don’t hesitate to call.

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