Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold

Although your pet may love frolicking around outdoors even in the wintertime, cold can affect pets the same way it affects us. Here, your Columbia, MD veterinarian tells you how to keep your pet safe when the temperatures drop.

Bring Pets Indoors

Don’t allow your pet to remain outdoors for long periods of time—this is only inviting deadly hypothermia and frostbite. Keep outdoor time to a minimum, only allowing your pet out for short bathroom breaks or exercise sessions. They’ll be safest and happiest inside with you and your family.

Try Pet Clothing

There are all sorts of clothing items available today, from parkas and sweaters to booties and earmuffs. Visit your local pet store to try out these items, and ask your veterinarian to recommend an article of clothing that may be helpful for your pet.

Beware of Antifreeze

Antifreeze poisoning occurs more frequently in the wintertime, when the chemical is most often used. Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, a deadly alcoholic substance that can poison pets easily. Use caution when adding it to your car’s engine!

Would you like more advice on keeping your pet safe in the wintertime? Give your vet in Columbia, MD a call today.

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