Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Beach

Planning on bringing your canine companion with you on your next beach trip? Make sure they stay safe with these helpful tips from a Newport Beach, CA veterinarian.

Shade and Sunscreen

Don’t forget—dogs can get sunburnt, too! It’s especially likely to happen on areas where skin is exposed, like that on the nose tip or ear edges. Purchase a canine-formulated sunscreen, available at some retail outlets and most pet supply shops, to combat the problem. Also make sure your dog has a shady spot under the beach umbrella in order to cool off.

Fresh Water

Don’t let your dog drink the ocean water, because the salt will irritate his mouth and stomach. Instead, bring along fresh bottled water just for your pooch. Offer him sips of water regularly to keep him well-hydrated throughout the day.

Rinse Out the Coat

If you leave sand and salt in your dog’s coat, the skin will become dry and irritated, and shedding may increase. Always be sure to rinse your dog’s coat out thoroughly with the hose or in the tub once you’re back from the beach.

Talk to your vet Newport Beach, CA for even more great beach safety tips for dogs.

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