Kitten or Full Grown Cat?

Sometimes, our more rational selves aren’t always at the helm when making decisions about getting a new pet. Especially when it comes to cats, our brains are skewed towards the more adorable kittens, our natural instinct to take care of tiny and defenseless creatures coming to the forefront. But for your family, what is truly best? For more, check with your Aurora vet.


They’ll take your heart from the get-go. They are adorable and a clean slate. Their personalities have begun but have not yet fully developed, giving you the chance to grow with them. But, they also require more attention until they’ve matured and special blends of food. Keep this in mind and ask your Aurora vet for more information.


Fully grown cats in their prime can be a joy. They have developed personalities and the learning curve is quite lower. Talk to your Aurora vet about the options there.

Senior Cats

An often forgotten category is senior cats. They might be old, but they deserve love and comfort. If you have the space, you might consider adopting such a cat. Check with your Aurora vet for the best advice when looking.

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