Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Are you planning on bringing home a kitten in the near future? Make sure your home is ready. Use these tips from an Indianapolis, IN vet.

Eliminate Physical Hazards

Go through every room of your home that your kitten will spend time in. Pick up small items, tie down any loose wires, and close off tight spaces that kittens could get stuck in. You may consider using dog gates to keep your kitten’s access restricted to a few rooms or one floor of your home.

Remove Toxic Materials

Don’t leave any toxic foods—chocolate, candy, grapes and raisins, avocado, onions, coffee grounds, etc.—sitting out on kitchen counters. Be sure not to leave cleaning chemicals unattended, and don’t allow kittens access to any human medications.

Hold a Family Meeting

Sit down with your family and make sure everyone knows the protocol for your kitten’s arrival. Everyone should be aware of how your kitten will be cared for, so there is no confusion. Go over where your kitten is allowed to spend time, what she’ll be eating, mealtimes, etc.

If you’re a first-time kitten owner or have any further questions about raising a cat, call your pet clinic Indianapolis, IN office today.

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