Kitten Safety 101

Are you planning on introducing a kitten to your home in the near future? Kittens are notoriously mischievous, and as such, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time to keep them safe. Learn more here from a Savannah, GA veterinarian.


Remove any and all toxins from your kitten’s space. This includes harmful human foods, toxic plants, and flowers, pesticides, cleaning supplies, and medications of any sort. Ask your veterinarian about other potential toxins for kittens and how to help your new pet avoid the danger.

String and Yarn

String and yarn make great simplistic toys for your kitten, without a doubt. Always make sure to pick these items up after your kitten is done playing with them, and supervise any play sessions closely. It’s possible for kittens to swallow these items, causing intestinal blockage and other serious issues.

Prevent Escape

Pay close attention to doors when you’re coming and going from the house, and don’t leave any windows open that don’t have screens. Always make sure your kitten is wearing ID tags on the collar, a microchip, or both so that she’s properly identified at all times.

Want more kitten safety tips? Call your vet Savannah, GA today!

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