Life-Stage Nutrition for Cats

Nutrition is, of course, extremely important for your cat’s overall health. Depending on her age, she has different nutritional requirements! Here, your vet Portage, MI tells you more about life-stage nutrition for cats.


Newborn kittens will require their mother’s milk, or a synthetic milk substitute if the mother isn’t available. As they get a bit older, they’ll need a specially formulated kitten diet before transitioning into dry food.

Adult Cats

Your adult cat should be fed a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet made specifically for the needs of the middle-aged feline.  Your veterinarian can recommend a great choice for your particular pet—call the office today to learn more.

Senior Felines

The nutritional needs of your senior cat have changed drastically since the time she was a young feline. All senior cats need to be eating a senior diet made specifically for the nutritional requirements of aging pets. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy as many happy, healthy years with you and your family as possible!

Does your cat need a change of diet? Are you in need of pest-control medications, vaccinations, or identification measures? We’re always here to help! Set up an appointment with your veterinarian Portage, MI.

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