Litter Box Placement 101

Cats can be picky about many things, including where their bathroom is located. Use these tips from an Atlanta, GA veterinarian to make sure your cat stays happy with her litter box.

Easily Accessible Area

Make sure your cat can easily access the litter box at all times—it’s easy to accidentally place the box somewhere that will get blocked off when a screen door closes or another obstacle blocks it. If your cat can’t reach her bathroom, she will be forced to do her business elsewhere!

Quiet, Low-Traffic Zone

Would you like using the bathroom in a crowded, noisy area? Neither does your cat! Place the litter box in a quiet zone where not many people go, like a basement or laundry room. This will ensure your cat stays happy.

Far from Food and Water

Cats have been known to shun their food dishes or their litter box entirely if the two items are placed in too close a proximity. Keep food and your cat’s litter box separated to make sure your can’t doesn’t develop an aversion to either.

Contact your vet Atlanta, GA for more great tips on getting your cat to use her litter box successfully.

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