Litter Box Placement Tips

Many cats—about one in 10—develop an aversion to the litter box at some point in their lives. Often, this is because of the placement of the box itself. Below, your San Antonio, TX vet gives you a few tips on placing your cat’s bathroom.

Quiet, Low-Traffic Area

Would you like doing your business in a loud area with a lot of people? Of course not, and neither would your cat. Place the box in a quiet area that won’t be disturbed. This way, your cat can use the bathroom in peace and is likely to keep doing so.

Easily Accessible Area

Some make the mistake of not checking that their cat’s litter box can be easily accessed. If the box accidentally gets blocked by a screen door, your cat will be forced to do their business elsewhere. Ensure that your cat’s box can be gotten to at all times, even when you’re not home.

Far from Food

Don’t place your cat’s box close to their food and water dishes. Cats have been known to shun their box or their food if the two are placed in close proximity.

Ask your veterinarians San Antonio, TX for more cat-care advice.

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