Low-maintenance Dogs

Whereas dogs are not always the most low maintenance pets, especially compared to their feline counterparts, there are some dog breeds which are easier to deal with than others. Ask your Montgomery vet for more details.


Although they can be quite “yappy” at times, short-haired Chihuahuas are some of the least care-intensive dogs out there. The short coat means less brushing and washing and their small size makes them easy to transport as your Montgomery vet would notet.


It seems counter-intuitive because they are so large, but Greyhounds mainly just lounge around all day! They need some exercise every day, but they tend to burn their energy in short bursts during the day. They can be very easy to care for on a daily basis. Check with your Montgomery vet about adoptions today!

Terrier Breeds

Terriers are small and can fit almost anywhere. They do have a decent amount of energy (and are very bold), but regular walks can help to expend some of it. They make great companions.

Your vet Montgomery county can help you to make the optimal decision when trying to select a more low maintenance breed.

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