Ma Kettle’s Adventure

One heartwarming dog story that really hits home is of a lost dog who went on a long journey. If you have any questions on microchipping your dog, check with Oceanside vet clinic.

Gone but not Forgotten

Unfortunately, back in 2012, there was one lab – Ma Kettle – who was left unfortunately when her elderly caregiver passed away. Another family decided to adopt her, but after a few weeks, Ma Kettle, being older in years, didn’t get along with the other dogs in the house. If you have questions on older dog care, check with your Oceanside vet clinic.

Thirty Mile Trek

But when Ma Kettle was being taken to a new family – she escaped! She traversed 30 MILES to find the family who had given her up. Sadly, though, they still couldn’t keep her. If you have any questions about introducing a new dog to your family, check with your Oceanside vet clinic.

The Happy Ending

Ma Kettle’s inspirational story of loyalty spread all around. Then, one day, a family in Florida decided to give Ma the love she deserved. If you have any adoption questions, check with your Oceanside vet clinic.

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