Maintain Your Pocket Pet’s Dental Health

Do you own a pocket pet like a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, rat, or mouse? Dental health is very important to their overall well-being! Here, your Pikeville, KY vet offers a few tips on keeping your furry friend’s mouth in tip-top shape.

Watch for Behavioral Signs

Have you noticed your pocket pet acting a lot more skittish than usual? Have they stopped using the exercise wheel? Perhaps they’re leaving most of their food in the bowl. This may be a sign of dental trouble or some other health concern. It’s best to get your pocket pet examined by your veterinary professional.

Feed a Great Diet

A great diet goes a long way toward good dental health. When your pocket pet is eating right, he’s getting the proper balance of nutrients to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Most pocket pets are fed a commercial pellet diet, sometimes supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, or other foods depending on the animal. Ask your vet for details on your pet’s dietary needs.

See Your Vet

When your veterinarian Pikeville, KY sees your pet regularly, he or she can examine the mouth and keep your pocket pet healthy long-term. Make an appointment today!

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