Making Senior Pets More Comfortable

Do you have an elderly pet in the household? Use these tips from your San Jose, CA animal hospital to make your aging animal companion as comfortable as possible.

Grooming Help

Older pets—especially those suffering from arthritis—can’t twist and turn the way they once could to groom themselves. Give your pet a hand in this department. Run a brush through your pet’s hair regularly; this will remove loose and dead hair, smooth out mats or tangles, and moisturize the fur by spreading essential skin oils through the coat.

Home Modifications

Try building or buying pet ramps to help your furry friend up and down the staircase or up onto favorite furniture pieces. You can also add strips of carpet to slippery tile or wood floors so that your pet can keep their footing.

Senior Diet

Is your pet eating a diet that is appropriate for their age? Elderly pets have different nutritional requirements than middle-aged animals. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a type and brand of senior-formulated food that will be perfect for your beloved pet.

Does your elderly pet need a checkup? Do you have more questions about senior pet care? Contact your San Jose, CA veterinarian.

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