Making the Most in the Dog Park

Dog parks are some of the greatest creations in the past decade. Although they’ve been around for a while, they have become far more common in recent years. So what’s the best way to maximize your time with your furry friend? Always ask your Livonia vet clinic for the best advice.


Make sure that your dog park is safe. The last thing that she want is for some sort of contaminated puddle or sharp rusty fence to possibly infect your puppy. Ask your Livonia vet clinic for more.


Always make sure that you only give treats to your own dog unless you get permission from another dog’s owner. Check with your Livonia vet clinic for the best information.


Bring toys that you can throw and really give your dog the opportunity to spread his or her legs and run!

Don’t forget to bring water. For more information on dog parks in your area, check with your Livonia vet clinic vet.


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