Making Your Home Safe for a Puppy

Are you about to welcome a puppy into your home? Puppies are known for getting into mischief, so make sure your home is safe. Below, your Fort Collins, CO veterinarian tells you what to do.

Physical Hazards

Go through each room of your home that your puppy will spend time in and eliminate physical hazards. These may include sharp objects or edges, tight spaces that a pup could get stuck in, or loose wires and electrical cords that could tangle up a young dog.

Toxic Plants

Make sure you’re not harboring a variety of toxic plant in your home; puppies may choose to nibble on them, and the results can be disastrous. Common plants that are toxic to pets include aloe plants, rubber plants, lilies, azalea, and the sago palm, among many others.

Human Foods

Put away any and all harmful human foods so that your puppy cannot gain access. The list includes onions, grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, avocado, salty foods, fatty items, and alcoholic substances. If your new pup gets ahold of any of these, the results could be deadly.

Call your pet clinic Fort Collins, CO for more advice on making your puppy’s arrival as smooth as possible.

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