Meet the Sphynx Cat

Have you ever seen a sphynx cat? They’re very unique felines! With their huge ears, wide-set eyes, and completely hairless bodies, they’re not easy to forget. Learn more about the fascinating sphynx in this article from an Ellicott City, MD veterinarian.


Records of hairless cats date back to the early 1900s. However, the sphynx cat of today originates from 1996 in Toronto, Canada. It was there that a pair of standard domestic shorthair cats produced an entirely hairless breed, simply thanks to a random genetic mutation. The sphynx grew from there and is now very common!


Sphynx cats are high-metabolism, high-energy creatures who love to play, jump, and run. They’re generally very friendly and inquisitive, and typically make great pets for the whole family.

Care Needs

For the most part, the sphynx cat’s care needs are the same as other cats’. They will need regular bathing, since skin oil isn’t absorbed by fur the way it is with most cats, and they must be protected from direct sun exposure so that they aren’t sunburnt.

Want to learn more about sphynx cats? Do you have a cat who needs a checkup? Call your pet clinic Ellicott City, MD today.

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