Mental Health and Your Cat

Everybody has their gloomy days. But is it possible for your pets, too, to suffer from emotional highs and lows? And if it goes for a prolonged amount of time, what about the mental health conditions which also affect humans? Check with your Livonia, MI vet clinic for the most up to date advice.

Yes, They Can

Our cats can also come down with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. These conditions often exemplify themselves in various different ways. For instance, one indicator of anxiety can be a cat bathing too much or licking a patch of fur clean off of her body. When these things happen, you’ll want to contact your Livonia, MI vet clinic immediately.

Make sure that you are observant of your feline companions. Only you can determine whether or not there is behavior which is abnormal and report it to your Livonia, MI vet clinic.

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