Microchipping Basics

You’ve probably heard of pet microchips—they’re the best way to keep your animal companion properly identified! Here, your Riverside County, CA veterinarian goes over the basics of microchips for pets.

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip on which a number is implanted electronically. This number corresponds to the chip manufacturer’s database, where your pet’s contact information is stored. Special scanners at vets’ offices and animal shelters can read these numbers when a lost pet is returned to them.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The microchip itself is housed inside of a small glass capsule, and the capsule is inserted just under your pet’s skin (typically between the shoulder blades) with a specialized syringe. All your pet will feel is a momentary pinch, and the whole process only takes a moment. All things considered, it’s just like a regular vaccination!

How Do I Get My Pet a Chip?

If you’d like to identify your pet with a microchip, or complement your pet’s existing ID tags with a chip, call your veterinary clinic Riverside County, CA today for help. Your veterinarian will get your pet set up with the proper identification for a lifetime of security and happiness!

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