Microchipping Your Pet

It used to be that when the family dog or cat was lost, finding it required a great deal of time and effort – not to mention emotional strain! The children would make and post fliers, the parents would drive from street to street, looking for their lost pet. If the four-legged companion got too far away, no one would be able to determine who its owners were. So what’s changed in “lost pets” in the 21st century? Quite a lot!

Real Solutions

One thing you can do to protect your emotional and financial investment in your pet is microchipping. Microchipping has been a dream for millions of pet owners worldwide who have been able to reconnect with their lost family members – sometimes over enormous distances – thanks to this procedure.

In this process, a veterinarian will program a microchip with the best information to ensure that the pet gets home, sometimes an address and phone number, or sometimes a vet’s office. Microchipping has changed the way that people search for their furry family when lost.

It’s Well Documented

A simple internet search will show many results with incredible microchip stories. One such example revolves around a cat named Sven and his family, the Bakers, who didn’t give up on finding him. The story spanned over a year (a year and two weeks actually), with Sven disappearing when the Bakers where moving. After all that time had passed, Sven was found and brought to the local animal shelter. When the microchip was found and scanned, they were able to contact the Bakers and inform them that the prodigal Sven had been found!

Researched Proof

One Ohio State survey found that cats alone were 20 times more likely to be found and returned with a microchip than without. Dogs as well had an increased return rate of 2.5 times. Both numbers show a dramatic increase in the likelihood of being reunited with a lost pet. These numbers are astounding and readily demonstrate the value of the procedure.

There are many companies that have developed this technology. The best resource for this is to check with your veterinarian. Together, the two of you can devise the optimal plan for microchipping your beloved animal. It’s absolutely awful to think that your furry friend could go missing, but the microchip can increase your chances of reunification!

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