My Kitten Is Walking!

When babies starting walking, it’s time to baby-proof the house. Is that necessary with kittens? Your Marietta, GA vet can tell you what to do when your kitten becomes mobile.


Most kittens begin walking when they are three or four weeks old, but this varies. Like babies, kittens walk when they’re ready. If your kitten is much older than this and isn’t walking, you should talk to your Marietta, GA vet to make sure everything’s okay.


By the time they are five or six weeks old, kittens can walk well. They’ll be getting into everything. You may want to block off an area that’s safe for them to play in, and begin training them not to scratch furniture. Be prepared to chase them around the house! Your Marietta, GA vet can tell you which areas of the house may not be safe for kittens.


Many kittens can begin eating watered-down cat food around the same time they begin to walk. They may be especially hungry in the morning. Check with your Marietta, GA vet before transitioning your kittens from nursing to food.

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