Pampering Your Feline Friend

Our cats bring us years of joy, companionship, and amusement. Why not pamper your feline friend a bit? Your Frisco, TX veterinarian offers a few suggestions below.


What cat doesn’t love a good toy? For many of our feline companions, a simple string dangled in front of their face can provide plenty of amusement. Make sure your pet has plenty of fun toys to entertain them on a daily basis.

Cat Tower

Cat towers offer multiple platforms, as well as built-in toys and scratching posts, for your cat’s amusement. They are a great way to pamper your cat and keep them entertained, even when you’re not at home. Browse the selection at your local pet supply store.

Help With Grooming

Although cats are excellent self-groomers, they can use a little help now and then. This is especially true of our older companions. Brush your cat’s fur on a regular basis to remove loose and dead hair. The occasional bath—using a feline-formulated shampoo—is another way to keep your cat well-groomed.

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Want more advice on keeping your pet happy and healthy for years to come? Call your animal clinic Frisco, TX for help!

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