Paw Care Tips for Your Dog

Your dog’s paws are what connects her to the world—they let her walk, run, scratch, play, and much more! Keep your dog’s paws healthy with these quick tips from your Anderson, IN veterinary professional.

Nail Trims

All dogs require regular nail trims. If nails are allowed to grow too long and sharp, they can start to cause problems; nails might get snagged, fracture painfully, and even start to affect a dog’s gait! Use a canine-specific nail trimmer to clip your dog’s nails, or have the professionals take care of it for you.

Paw Checks

Check out your dog’s paws once a week. Look for any cuts, scrapes, or abrasions. Check for any objects stuck in between the toes, as it’s easy for burrs, twigs, pebbles, and other small objects to get lodged there.

Paw Pad Care

In hot weather, paw pads can be scorched on hot asphalt; do your best to have your dog avoid lingering on parking lots or driveways. In wintertime, paw pads can become dry and cracked—you might try a paw-pad moisturizer product to help combat the issue.

Contact your veterinary clinic Anderson, IN today to set up an appointment. We’re always here to help!

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