Paw Care Tips for Your Dog

Your dog’s paws are quite important. After all, they allow her to walk, run, touch, groom herself, and much more! Here, a Livonia, MI veterinarian gives you some quick tips on dog paw care.

Check the Paws Daily

Set aside time every day to give your dog’s paws a quick but thorough examination. Be sure to look in between the toes; it’s very easy for small items like burrs, pebbles, or twigs to get stuck there. Even indoors, a dog can get small bits of plastic or metal, pins, or other small household items lodged there. If you’re able to remove the item, do so. If it doesn’t come out easily, however, don’t force it—contact your vet for professional help.

Paw Pad Care

In the winter, don’t let your dog near road salt or ice-melting chemicals. In the warmer months, avoid blazing hot asphalt surfaces. If your dog’s paw pads become dry and cracked, consider using a canine-formulated paw pad moisturizer. These are available online and at certain pet stores or veterinarians’ offices.

Would you like more helpful tips on keeping your dog’s paw pads in tip-top shape? Give your Livonia, MI animal hospital a call for further advice.

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