Pest Prevention for Your Dog

Protecting your canine companion from pests is one of the most important aspects of his or her healthcare. It’s far easier—and cheaper—to avoid a problem in the first place rather than treat it after the fact! Below, your Aurora, CO vet offers a few tips on proper pest control for your dog.

Know Your Enemy

Ask your veterinarian what sort of pests are most common in your area. Depending on what type of critters are out there, your dog may need various pest-control methods to stay healthy.

Preventive Medications

The main way of protecting your dog from pests like worms, fleas, and ticks is through preventative medications. These come in topical or pill forms and are usually administered every month at home. Make an appointment at your vet’s office if your dog needs these pest-control methods.

Prevention at Home

You can do a few things at home to ward off pests as best you can. For one, get rid of any containers outdoors that are holding stagnant water; this attracts mosquitoes and allows them to breed. Try trimming back tall grasses and shrubbery to give ticks a less inviting home.

Call your Pet Clinic Aurora, CO for more information.

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