Pet Danger Spots at Home

Just about every home, regardless of how conscientious you are about pet safety, contains a few danger spots. Fortunately, you can keep your pet safe with some simple precautions! Learn more below from a vet in Aurora, CO:

Medicine Cabinet

Many common human medications—aspirin, cough syrup and cold medicine, antidepressants, over-the-counter and prescription drugs—can poison a pet who swallows too much. Never allow your animal companion access to the medicine cabinet, and don’t store your own medications near those of your pet.


Kitchens, of course, contain toxic foods like chocolate, candy, onions, garlic, caffeinated foods, alcohol, and more. They’re also home to sharp objects like knives, forks, soup can lids, and graters. A pet could also injure themselves on a hot surface, like that of a toaster, oven, stovetop, or coffeepot. It’s best to keep pets out while cooking or serving meals.

Cleaning Closet

Everything from carpet cleaner and floor polish to household disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaner can poison a pet—don’t let your animal companion have access to supply closets under any circumstances.

Want more advice on keeping your pet safe inside your home? We’re here to help. Contact your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO today!

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