Pet Insurance 101

We have insurance to cover many things, from our homes and cars to our health and valuables. Have you ever considered pet insurance for your furry friend? Your veterinarian Crown Point, IN goes over the basics below.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works like the other types of insurance that you’re used to dealing with. You’ll have a set deductible and pay a premium, either on a monthly or perhaps yearly basis. There are plans for a single pet, as well as multi-pet plans that can save you money if you own more than one animal companion.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Different pet insurance policies cover different things. There are catastrophic plans, which help cover costs in the event of a major health issue, as well as plans that cover more day-to-day expenses like vaccinations, minor surgeries, or medications.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Whether or not pet insurance is worth the money is entirely up to you. It’s especially helpful for pets that already have health conditions or who will be visiting the vet’s office frequently.

Want to talk to a veterinarian to learn more about pet insurance? Call your vet Crown Point, IN for help.

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