What to do with Pets for Vacation

When it’s time for vacation, it can be difficult to determine what to do with your pets. What are the best options for your pet when you go on vacation? Here are some answers. As always, check with your Aurora vet clinic for the best solutions.


Boarding is often the best option for those who can afford it. They will feed your pet and make sure that it gets enough exercise.


It can be very helpful – and cheaper – to have a friend or relative who might be available to watch over your pet. Make sure that the person has all of the necessary instructions for taking care of your animal, such as food, treats, toys, and proper medication. You can even have them stay in your home while you are gone which offers the additional benefit of someone watching your house as well!

Don’t leave your pets home alone. Even if someone is coming by to check up on them, some emergency can come up that would be potentially life-threatening. For more information, contact your Aurora vet clinic.


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