Pica in Dogs

Pica is a condition in which a dog craves and ingests non-food items, such as shoes, fabrics, socks, coins, batteries, or almost anything else. Of course, this can prove very dangerous for your canine companion! Learn more about the causes and treatment of pica in this article from a Plano, TX vet.

What Causes Pica?

There are many possible causes for pica; in some cases, a cause might not be found at all. Generally, causes are either medical or behavioral in nature. Medical issues like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, thyroid issues, and much more could cause your dog to seek out foreign objects to ingest. Behavioral issues like anxiety could also make your dog eat things he normally wouldn’t.

How is Pica Treated?

A case of pica caused by a medical problem will be treated by eradicating the medical issue. For behavioral cases, anxiety medication, removal of stressors at home, or professional behavior modification might be needed.

What if My Dog Eats Something They Shouldn’t?

If you suspect your dog has pica, or if they ingest something potentially hazardous, take them to the vet’s office immediately for treatment.

Want to learn more about pica? Contact your veterinary clinic Plano, TX today.

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