Prepare Your Home for a Puppy with These Three Tips

Are you going to be bringing home a puppy soon? Make sure your home is ready for the challenge. Here, your Montgomery, TX vet tells you how to prepare.

Try Space Restrictions

It’s far easier to keep track of your pup, and keep him or her safe, if they only have access to some areas of your house. Try using dog gates or even baby gates to block off certain rooms—this way, you have a smaller area to keep safe and clean, and it’s far easier to keep an eye on Fido.

Check for Physical Hazards

Go through every room that your pup will be allowed in and check for physical hazards like tight spaces, sharp edges, loose wires or cords, small objects that could be choked on, etc. Remove or eliminate these hazards as necessary.

Put Away Potential Toxins

Puppies aren’t known for their discriminate tastes. Make sure no harmful foods, human medications, cleaning supplies, or poisonous or irritable plant life is within reach of your puppy. Ask your veterinarian about the most common puppy toxins and how to avoid any danger.

Does your puppy need a veterinary exam? Make an appointment at ask your pet clinic Montgomery, TX.

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