Preparing Your Pet for a Veterinary Visit

All pets should see their veterinarian regularly—it’s simply the best way to maintain their health in the long term! If your pet is like most, they’re probably not too keen on visiting their vet’s office. Here are some tips from your Westside, IN vet to make things go smoothly.

Calm Anxieties

Get your pet comfortable with their carrier, as well as the car. If the carrier and car only ever take them to the vet’s office, they have good reason to be nervous! Go on smaller trips so that your pet gets used to his carrier and your vehicle.

Carrier Tips

While at the vet’s, your pet will probably feel most comfortable if they’re allowed to remain in their crate in the waiting room. This will provide a sense of security and keep other pets from interacting directly with them.

A Taste of Home

When you visit the vet’s office, be sure to bring along some of your pet’s favorite toys and a comfortable blanket. You can also bring treats, and even have the veterinary staff or other pet owners feed them to your animal companion.

For more information on keeping pets calm, call your pet clinic Westside, IN.

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