Preventative Care Basics for Pets

Why deal with a problem if you can avoid it in the first place? When it comes to your pet’s health, there’s no better choice than preventative medicine! Below, learn about the basics of preventative care from a veterinarian Roanoke, VA.

Pest Control

Fleas, ticks, worms, mosquitos… there are plenty of outdoor pests that can cause harm to your dog or cat. The key is keeping your animal friend on preventative medications to avoid any health issues even if these critters do bite your pet. Talk to your veterinarian about putting your pet on a heartworm medication and a flea-and-tick preventative.


All pets need their essential vaccinations. It’s far easier to avoid diseases like parvovirus, rabies, influenza, hepatitis, Lyme disease, distemper, and others than treat them after the fact! If your pet hasn’t already received the core vaccines, it’s time to act—call your vet’s office today.

Veterinary Check-ups

Don’t forget that regular check-ups at the veterinarian’s office are extremely important for maintaining your pet’s health in the long-term. This way, even if a health problem comes up, it can be caught early and treated effectively!

Does your pet need a veterinary appointment? Contact your animal hospital Roanoke, VA.

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